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An Update on Suppliers and the Impact of the St. Croix Acquisition of RODgeeks

If you take a look at the gallery slider on the Rod Building page at you'll see showcased an early Wayward Angler custom build using their Carbon 4 blank (the screenshot above from their website - orignial photo is copyright Wayward Angler). Carbon 4 fly blanks were always constructed with St. Croix's excellent prepreg and tapers but manufactured at the Mexico factory instead of the Wisconsin facility, and then marketed and sold through a partnership with RODgeeks. In the last few years, St. Croix stopped offering their own blanks to rod building distributors and instead gave RODgeeks exclusive distribution rights to their SCV tackle blanks, but no fly blanks at all. In 2020, St Croix acquired RODgeeks and by December 2020 assumed operations under the Wisconsin-based company. The transition did result in some disruptions and changes in the staff. Furthermore, all this has been happening amidst the Covid-19 pandemic that has put some stress on St. Croix operations.

As the founder and rodsmith at Wayward Angler, I will take a pause on future builds using St. Croix blanks. I need to know they will be remain accountable and in turn maintain your confidence. This is going to take some more time. Wayward Angler has no real concerns or issues with St. Croix - We are just re-evaluating St. Croix place in Wayward Angler's business model. Should St. Croix resume distribution of all their fly rod blanks, as they have done with many of their SCV tackle rod blanks, that will also factor into my decision going forward.

Meanwhile, I am constantly evaluating my suppliers and I will continue to remain committed to offering the finest fly rods custom built for you on rod blanks from Swift Fly Fishing (Epic), McFarland Rod Company (Ameriglass), Batson Enterprises blanks and few other makers, in both fiberglass and carbon fiber.

My work is entirely built on positive relationships with suppliers and customers, craftsmanship and integrity. I have carefully chosen suppliers with you in mind.


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